Wishful Wednsday #2

04 August 2010

I’ve decided that since there are enough funds left over from last week

That I can today hire a

To whisk me away to get a new set of

And of course I would recover like no tomorrow
So that I can attend

With the ever handsome

(Isn't he so handsome even when he's drenched in mud)

And of course since I

my funds for this trip

I would have to ask my favorite babysitter

To assist with watching the kids.

Of course we’d end the day by

**all pictures were found on the vast WWW**

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6 Voices:

To the Nth said...

You crack me up!

As for the, ah, well-endowed pillow, I was surprised to discover how many boobie knitting/crochet patterns there are out there. Go (full?) figure.

Sarah said...

Those pictures cracked me up!

Mrs. S. said...

Ha ha love it! Geeze your babysitter is kinda gnarly though.

Chelle said...

It was the duct tape that was my sitter! Although I did find that one pic to be quite hmmm disturbing.

Chelle said...

I know! There's also a TON of penis patterns too. I used to think of knitting/crocheting as an old church lady thing but now I'm not so sure.

Chelle said...



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