Pet peeve of the week: Inconsideration

30 August 2010

Scenario #1: Daycare parent calls last week and asks if I can help her out for a week after her boys care ended. Said sure. No problem. Will watch them BOTH this week for her. She reminded me she had PT so she'd be dropping them off around 0545 this week. No problem. Went to bed early last night to get up at 0500 to get ready for the day. 0600 came and still no boys. 0615 no reply to text. 0645 nothing still as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. 0715 as other daycare kidlet arrives my phone sings " ". Text from daycare parent letting me know her husband's command gave the husband the day off and he works half days for the next 3 days. 

First it's RUDE to let someone know an hour an half AFTER that you won't be bringing the kids. I get up according to my first daycare kidlet, which means I could have slept till 0645 vs getting up at 0500.

Second, I find it VERY unbelievable that she nor he knew he was going to have the day off when I can see their house from my mine, not a single light came on at all till 0700 when she was getting ready for work, late of course. And yes I'll admit it, I stalked that house getting irritated more and more as they laid in bed sleeping while I was up and dressed ready to go.

Third, you do not come over on a Friday evening, to discuss the details, write on my daycare calendar their schedule informing that you need FULL TIME care only to say via text the week OF; that you only need part time & therefore will only pay part time. You contracted for FULL TIME. I'm not backing down. I hate being walked over. I was already too nice by giving her a bigger "sibling" discount because I knew they were hurting for money during the 6 weeks that I had them last month. But holy crap kindness can only go so far. This is my business. This is how I pay our bills and keep us afloat. Which I'm BARELY doing! I count on every single dollar I can make.

Fourth; well there really is no fourth I just hate ending in odd numbers lately for some reason.

Scenario #2: Dirt Diver for the past year has had back issues. It comes and goes, sometimes worse then others, but he manages. About hmm May his back was getting worse and he was peeing blood literally every single day after PT. (TMI I know) After much encouragement he finally broke down and went to SQ. They put him on light duty, a profile for 30 days, and sent him to Physical Therapy. That did nothing for him. MRI showed no herniated discs either. They suggested doing steroid shots to his back since they can't figure out what's wrong with him. I threw a fit. I would walk around the house bitching about how incompetent these medics are by wanting to cover up the problem by drugging him up vs. taking the time to see what's wrong. Profile runs out and he doesn't go back since he doesn't want to be left behind from NTC. (Ohhh that irritated me too but I get where his heart is)

He got back last week and said his back was still hurting and he's still got blood at times; but he'll go in soon. Over the weekend on Saturday we were at Walmart walking around and he almost collapsed. He was in so much pain. Nothing I did could make it better and there aren't enough pain killers on the shelves of Walmart to help either. We get home and he's feeling a little better, but not by much. Sunday he woke up and said he's going to the ER cause it hurts too much again. After 8 hours there, he finds out he's got Kidney Stones. He's doped up on Vicodin passed out in our bed right now on a 48 hr SIQ.

My first problem with this though is that I KNOW when he goes back he's going to get shit. No one friggen cares if people are actually hurting and in pain or sick. The guys will make stupid ass comments to him like they did about his back. They are inconsiderate about anybody else but themselves. They are selfish assnuggets. I've heard the comments and jokes they made when he was on profile, it's fine and dandy to make a joke at first but literally say it repeatedly every single day is when you cross the line. There's nothing I can do about it and I know this. Instead I stay here at home waiting for him to support him from there.

Secondly, I just have a big feeling from their so quick to pump him full of drugs the last time; that they won't take the time to figure out how he's getting them. We got the date for Deployment and that's the only mindset anyone is in. I don't want him to not go, well wait I would love to but who wouldn't? I understand, accept and deal with his job in the military; always have but I don't want his health issues being ignored for the "greater good" of the Unit. If that makes sense? I just worry about him and scared of what will happen while he's somewhere in the middle of no where in Afghanistan.

There's my Monday complaints for the week. Inconsideration of other people's times and services along with the inconsideration of people's health and well being.

Also while writing this sitting on my couch by the window in the living room, there is a Black Flag Fly Motel (which might I add, if you have a fly issue THESE are the things to get! Hands down best fly catcher's we've ever used!), inside it is a fly just buzzing away irritating me. Doesn't he get it? Once you check into the Fly Motel you're here to stay buddy! *evilsnicker*

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4 Voices:

Mrs. S. said...

Oh girly I'm so sorry. I'm glad they did find out what it is and I hope he feels better soon and stays healthy!!

christy said...

There's not always a known cause to kidney stones and there's no definite prevention as many people will suffer from them over and over, but there is treatments for them, including blasting them if they're too large to pass or takes too long to pass.

As far as the parents, they're required to pay what they asked for and I'd hold them to it. If their kids were in CDC they'd be charged. Some people appreciate kindness while others will take advantage, sounds like they are ones to take advantage. If you don't put your foot down now, they'll continue to do it.

Chancesimtaking said...

Im with you in putting your foot down. If they don't like it they should have been respectful of your time and business.

mannadonn said...

LMAO! I love the end of this post. Stupid fly!

I'm so sorry that Dirt Diver was in so much pain. I would have been really concerned when he said there was blood in his pee. That isn't the back...that's definitely the kidney. When my mom started peeing blood it turned out she had kidney cancer. That shit needs to be taken seriously!

You should have gone and knocked on that woman's door and told her you were up waiting for the kids and reminded her of your deal. Grrr... I would be so angry too!


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