Wishful Wednesday...

01 September 2010

That the truck's

would hurry up and come in the

I also am waiting on this

to get here too.
Need to find


and figure out if I wanna go with

Then I could just sport a 

I'd be good to go, right?
I mean no one would notice it too much right?

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4 Voices:

Itssomethingbeautiful_blog said...

haha I love this! That hair is crazy - how does one even make a helicopter out of hair?!

Happy wednesday :)


mannadonn said...

LMAO! I love this one the most so far! I'm loving that bra! I think I might need one...

Mrs. S. said...


kathi said...

Oh. my. goodness. Those heels are crazyyy, also that helicopter hair is pretty awesome too. :)
Like the dress!


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