Crackberryitis has hit the Hooah household

23 September 2010

About 2 weeks ago Tater lost her phone thanks to the little hands of Monkey and Princess. We’ve searched high and low, moved furniture, under beds, literally every corner in this house and it’s gone. For a while she’s gone with no phone. Unfortunately with finances and just replacing Dirt Diver’s phone, I couldn’t manage the deductible for her phone this month and told her she would have to wait till I could. That didn’t fly over very well and she asked if she could pay the deductible herself since it was her phone.

Pssh like a parent is ever going to say no to their kid stepping up to the plate on responsibility. *snicker* I explained how the insurance works and they’ll send her a refurbished replacement. She didn’t want to get stuck with the same phone she had as she didn’t like it but it was a hand be down from dad when he got his ‘Droid. But I refuse for her to spend all her money on a brand spanking new phone. Curious now I ask what she’s looking to get. And that’s when she said it….

A Blackberry Curve

After I said hell no and how she’s too young and can’t afford it, the kid looks at me and smiles then says “What if you can find me a used one off eBay?”

We discussed how much her deductible was through Sprint and what kind of budget she was willing to stick with if she could get the phone of her choice. Might I add that I absolutely HATE being out bided by MERE pennies just SECONDS before an auction is to end?! We had 2 computers going and we’re just scouring eBay. Finally won one for her and she did good. She only went $8.00 over the Sprint deductible, got free shipping and managed to score a 1GB memory card.

The phone came yesterday and I SWEAR the minute she walked into the house it was like a gravitational pull between the two. She hasn’t put the phone down except for school today. Her grin has been permafixed and she’s got a little skip to her step.

I am very proud of her for being to realize the value of her money, saving her babysitting earnings and figuring out what she was willing to spend on what she wanted.

And that is how our 12 year old daughter has become a Crackberry addict in less then 24 hours.

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5 Voices:

Ms Diva said...

Oh man!! I just gave up my curve for the EVO. I had to wait all summer to get it!!! It hasn't left my hands since!!! Good job on the parenting, mine still haven't stepped up to that plate yet!!!!

Noel said...

So, my phone broke this past spring. My contract was up anyways, and Mr. was about to come home from Iraq. He said "just cancel your contract since it's up and there's no fee, and go to the store and add a line to my plan." So I did that. I swore to him up and down I was NOT going to walk out of the store with a crackberry again (I'd just had one for a year and I fell in love with it).

Yup. Walked out of the store with a crackberry. He knew I would. He gives me much flack about my crackberry. most of the time I love my crackberry more than him, as it doesn't talk back :)

Chelle said...

LOL I got a Crackberry after Princess was born but when we moved to OR I had no service in that area so we switched carriers. Since the only thing I hated on my Crackberry was the camera I was stupid and foolish and became a traitor. I picked a Exclaim. Worse mistake ever. I really only like the camera on the phone, it's HORRIBLE. I haven't told Dirt Diver yet but next week I'm going to order myself a Crackberry off Ebay because I'm just miserable. lol

Chelle said...

Ohh I would LOVE to get a EVO but I refuse to pay an extra $10 a month for 4G service when it's not offered at all in this state. I'm cheap what can I say.

mannadonn said...

That is awesome! I've been a Crackberry addict since February 2009. It's a bad addiction with me. It rarely leaves my sight.

Good for her for knowing what she wants and saving for it! I remember when I was around her age, I saved all my money and got myself Glamour Shots. It was all the rage back then.

You've got a good one there! Great job!!!


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