Dethawing from another doctor's appointment...

21 September 2010

Today was spent sitting in a hospital with goose bumps because apparently the hospital LOVES to make patients freeze to death then I got to spend another hour of my life sitting in the pharmacy for some ‘scripts.

Must I say that while I really have enjoyed Tricare Prime; I’m at point that I wish I had the funds to switch to Standard and go be seen at out in town. Since this post isn’t over crowded at the hospital they aren’t allowing patients to voluntarily be seen by a civilian like I was in San Diego. *sigh*

In the meantime I had an argument with my doctor today and once again left feeling like she’s not hearing me and instead just pushing the problem off onto other factors in my life. I don’t doubt those factors have had a contributing hand in the issue BUT I think there is something else helping. She said give it 2 weeks for the lab results to come back and I will. After that I will continue to complain if she still hasn’t changed her tune.

Throughout today though, what I just didn’t get was the waiting at the pharmacy. You can’t tell me with 8 windows that it needs to take an hour and a half to get a script filled? Even the Soldiers in uniform were sitting around complaining about the length of time. I watched the news, I read off my Kindle (AMAZING invention EVER), and fell asleep like a idiot with the mouth open and drool. Yupp I was that one chick that was trying to catch flies who looked like a hot mess and no I didn’t give a rat’s patootie how I looked either. Okay that’s a lie, I did when I got into my truck and saw how bad my hair was messed up. *snicker*

All in all today was a good day. I unfortunately had to go back on some meds, not the ones I asked but I’m trying to be positive in the changes that they will create, I got a small break from the kids (even if it was sitting in the hospital freezing my boobies off), and here I am at nap time with not a single kid sleeping and they are all talking louder and louder till I say quiet time. I’ve had worse adventures at hospitals so I have to be happy with today’s to a point.

How bout you, what’s the longest you’ve waited at the pharmacy?

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4 Voices:

Kaylee said...

The VA has made me wait for Jacob's meds for almost 2. Then they didn't have one so I had to go back the next day to pick it up first thing in the morning, did they get a shipment over night? I hate hospitals, there is always a wait.
Sorry you had to freeze but you found the bright side, no kids and a little nap :)

Chelle said...

I agree on the problem child! The day I was there it was like all of them were off in their own world chatting away while the rest of us just sat there waiting wasting our lives.

Paying out of pocket is too much sometimes. There is just no way I can justify that much for just a simple appointment when I can get it for free through Prime. So till I can afford it, I'll make due and make my voice heard.

Chelle said...

Ohh I'd be fuming! Miraculously getting the meds overnight? Hmmm yeah sure. said...

When I was at Fort Sam, you could sit there all darn day! It drove me nuts! Now I live in a smaller community in Germany, and I would say it takes about 15 minutes. Sorry to here about your Doc. not listening to you. These Army Drs. arent impressing me these days. it use to be said that Army docs were the best docs. Im not so sure about that anymore.


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