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20 September 2010

Absolutely LOVE it when good things happen when you are least expecting it. It when they do come your way, that you should cherish them even more. I can’t stop smiling since everything has taken place.

In the past week things have been turning and changing for me and our family and I can only pray this is for the best. I have wanted to work for this company for a while but was always skeptical so I never asked my friends more info about it. Last week I gave up and decided to be nosey. Went to my friend and asked, next thing I know I’m redoing my resume, writing out a cover letter 100 times over and then sitting around checking emails biting my nails off. In other words more nervous then a virgin on her wedding night.

After a day of waiting I got a surprise call from the hiring manager, talked for awhile and was offered the job. Excited didn’t even put in perspective how I felt but to be honest I am still nervous as hell. Who isn’t on their first day of work. Last night I started training and I have 3 more days before I’m on my own. There was so much to grasp last night that I hope I don’t forget about it tonight.

With the new job has come some other changes that I wasn’t super prepared for but I’ll manage. I give my two weeks to my full time daycare parents. I am closing as a fulltime care and going into before & after along with hourly just so I can still keep my certs’ up to date and watch kids here and there for date night or gym time or what have you.

Another change is my sleep schedule; I’ve been so used to being a morning person for the past year that I have to go back to nights again will be tricky. I’ll be working till almost 0100 but at least I’ll be home doing work. Still no commute time which is even better, Hopefully I’ll have made some extra money this month to get my laptop fixed so I can work from the couch when Dirt Diver has to go to sleep at night. Make it easier too when the kids are home. I am a firm believer that laptop’s and kids don’t mix at all. This is the 5th time my DC jack has been broken by devious little heathens that I call my family.

If none of this makes sense I’m sorry my minds going faster then my fingers, the boys are jumping off their mats because apparently it’s opposite day. I said naptime and they heard “let’s be as loud as we possibly can and jump on our mats yelling ‘FIRE IN THE HOLE’”. Hmmm no I did not but trying to reason with a 3 and 2 year old is not as fun as it sounds sometimes.

In other news, Monkey is going to hit 4 this week. FOUR YEARS OLD. Did you catch that? I’m soooo not ready for my little guy to be that old. To me he’s still the long curly haired little fella who wanted nothing to do but lay in my arms and nurse all day long. That was the best year nursing him. He was such a champ unlike his picky sister the Princess who was never happy nursing but hated formula. Just like a girl, I suppose. *gigglesnortgiggle*

I’ll be honest, with all the changes this past week; I haven’t had time to read much of everyone’s blogs but today I’m hoping to find time to sit back and read IF I can’t get these demon jumping beans to succumb to the sandman.

What random blessings have come your way this week?

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11BWifey said...

This is absolutely hilarious :) Its really inspiring too, to know that little blessings can come out of no where and surprise you!

This past week was my hubby's first week of our first deployment, so it's been reallllllly tough :( But I will say that I when I was outside on my porch saying my prayers for Hubby and all our friends in his company, I saw a shooting star!! I never see shooting stars, and it made my heart smile :) So, I guess that is a good enough little blessing for me :)

Congrats on your new job!


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