Is there such a thing as common sense?

14 September 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to forum yesterday. Well actually I wasn't heading to the forum or heading anywhere for that matter. I just love that movie. Have you seen it? If you haven't you're missing out. It's an oldie like circa 1960 and a musical but it's hilarious. A satire of the Roman playwright Plautus. Sadly anytime I try to watch an old classic the kids or Dirt Diver make it next to impossible and I give up. I really should get it again.

Sadly I digress from my original thoughts. I have a sign that I have right OVER my door bell that reads "Please knock, Kids are sleeping". It hangs there from 1230 to 1500 Monday through Friday unless I'm closed. Never changes. 

I get the kids laid down, fight with "Missing Mommy" little guy to stay down long enough to fall asleep; poor kid was so stinkin' tired it was just a matter of time. Finally all you can hear is the humm of the washing machine and the ice maker in the freezer.  


Sit down to work more on Princess's dress when "DING DONG" blared throughout the house. "DING DONG" again! Get up pissed because all the kids are starting to stir and cry. Open the door expecting an adult but nope had to lower my gaze down to a oompa loompa sized 3 yr old from next door with his mom (who happens to be ONE of the very few friends I've made here) chasing after him. Off he goes being carried kicking and screaming for Monkey to come out and play with him while the kids in my house are trying to fall back asleep.

Everyone settles down and silence fills the house only to be shattered again about 20 minutes later with a "DING DONG". Thinking it's my neighbor, I open the door getting ready to let him know he needs to take his tushy home before I ban him from the house for a week. But nope to my surprise is a tall ass man, sweating profusely, lacking deodorant, with his riding mower idling on the grass. He points to my sign and asks....

"Do you have kids sleeping? Want me to come back later and mow?"

All I could do was stare at him and say "Nope ya woke them up now for good" and closed the door. 

And now that yesterday is over, I can only laugh at the stupidity of people who lack common sense. And at the thought that people may hang signs up saying kids are sleeping when in reality they are acting like monkeys in full chaos.

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Mrs. S. said...

How irritating!


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