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13 September 2010

Not sure whether I am mad at the financial or the moral aspect more. Last week I had 2 after-schoolers, brother and sister for last week and this week. They were temporary and I was getting paid via the Army to do it. Last week was a complete mess with them. Between the preschooler and the first grader, they were very rude, would refuse to follow directions, demanded everything, whined, cried and complained when I enforced my rules.

Rules that were so simple but apparently to them; I was asking them to recreate the Sistine Chapel. Rules that included no jumping on my couch, no climbing over the back of the couch, no running in the house, when everyone's outside playing no one goes in the house to play alone. Rules that for the most part help keep some kind of system during daycare hours rather then letting the chaos of children over take me.

I spoke with mom about her childrens' behavior, every single day. I told her I understood they were having a hard time adjusting but that I would still enforce the rules. I went over the rules repeatedly with them. Sunday night the mother called and said that she got her husband to take the week off from work to watch the kids since they didn't like the rules.

Here comes my frustrations, how does that teach children to adapt and respect other people's rules if every time they didn't like them, the kids can just walk away? That doesn't teach one to adapt, over come and be respectful. In my eyes that's pretty much telling them, they weren't wrong for being disrespectful. Oh well that mom is going to have a LONG road ahead if her kids can't follow rules and she plans on doing daycare in her home.

Sadly though I'm now out significant amount of money for this week that I had planned for.

In other news, I would just like to say that 15MPH in all housing areas are crap and that I shouldn't be forced to pay the speeding ticket. It's not my fault my foot has a lead weight in it either. Or that I was arguing with Monkey who was in the 3rd row yelling that I hand him his cup from the driver seat immediately. I was distracted as well by being late to a shitty FRG meeting.

Speaking of the FRG; I've pretty much given up the high hopes I had for ours. I will continue to do the newsletter and be a key caller but really that is it. It's being ran by a clique that I do not like, hate their fakeness, and really if one of the women wasn't pregnant I probably would have knocked her out the last time she came to my house. This clique is just another reason why I do not like trying to make friends. I never fit in. I don't agree with their behavior, mob mean girl mentality and to make it worse Dirt Diver is good friends with a couple of the husbands. I just want friends that are strong, independent, can manage their house when their husband's gone, and not brag about how much money they spend every friggen day. Got side tracked but really my whole frustration is that because of the clique they are now being viewed as every other FRG and being used as to why no one wants to get involved. And that saddens me very much.

Really this wasn't supposed to be a rambling post but it's hard to think straight when I've got a 20 month old little boy wrapped around my leg crying like he's being murdered because he misses his mommy and nothing I do will soothe him. Poor kiddo.

Going to try a new recipe for dinner tonight, Apple Chicken Quesadillas. I can NOT wait to start dinner and devour these guys. Two nights of Mexican food but oh well we love it and it's so easy to cook too.

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