(Mil)ing It Over - PCS Edtion

28 September 2010

Jen from Chances I'm Taking created (Mil)ing it over. It sounded like fun so of course I jumped in! As soon as everyone else's vLog's are up, I'll get those links posted so you can give them some love too.

(Mil)ing It Over Ladies:

Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots

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4 Voices:

Chanceimtaking said...

Those are great Picks! We heard the same thing about Fort Drum about getting stuck in life cycles and what not. But I guess you gotta make the best out of every situation.

Mrs. K said...

"The housing is kinda cute"- Ha! I love it. That makes sense.

P.S.- I love you for loving the south! It truly is home to me and I miss it when I'm gone.

Great vlog!

michelletherib.blogspot.com said...

Whats so funny is, people living OCONUS cant wait to go back and live CONUS, and people so would love to be CONUS look at us like we are crazy. LOL!
I currently live in Germany, about 2 hours from the french boarder. The country is very pretty, very clean. I have no real complaints other than nothing is open on sundays, everything closes at 8 or earlier, I MISS WALMART! LOL!, and well you definitly learn why other countries call us lazy.
If I could PCS anywhere right now it would be Ft.Sam Houston, so I could be close to my family, there or Fort Jackson. but we will see!
p.s I am your newest follower, I hope you follow me back.

mannadonn said...

Awwww! I love your little accent!!!! I hated Lewis and I loved Drum! LOL! We were at Drum for about 6 years but it was amazing for The Hubble's career and I met some really amazing people up there. It was also gorgeous and you cannot beat the wine tours up there! Lewis rains. And not really rain...that really annoying drizzle. And it's constant.

Thanks for sharing your vlog! I loved it!


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