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04 October 2010

I wish I had some awesome fantastic reasoning for where I disappeared to but honestly I don't. No flock of seagulls birdnapped me to SoCal. No herd of deer herded me to Oregon for hunting season. No the kids didn't hog tie me in duct tape and take over the house.

Instead life got in the way. Cleaning, moving furniture, being devoured by the laundry monster, oil changes, new dog, birthday parties, and work; I forgot to sit down and take time out to release the voices from within out.

I wish I could say the laundry demons have been conquered but sadly just when I thought I was done, a whole new batch of dirty clothes emerged from 'Tater's room. So here I am clinging to my life vest determined to master it again.

I have always been one to help with the oil changes, getting under the truck, breaking nails, and enjoying spending time with Dirt Diver. That didn't happen this time though. Sadly we couldn't do it to the Chevy this time because I forgot I accidentally stripped the plug the last time he let me use the air compressor. *banghead* So off I went. It wasn't till I was at the mechanics that I realized I am a HORRIBLE truck owner. The last time I changed the oil was back in Oregon with my FIL right before Christmas Exodus. Yes. That's right. I went 10 months without an oil change. During which time I've done a cross country drive, I've hauled crap, I've driven to Tennessee with her. With all that abuse though, she keeps on ticking and sounds just as bad ass as the first day she entered our family.

And as if our house is not crazy enough, we ran across this little lady that I just COULDN'T say no too. She was just too adorable and cute. For some stupid reason her previous owners named her "Curly" but it just didn't seem to suit her. From the moment when I laid eyes on her, I just knew what her name was. Reba has so much energy and fits right in with our current dog, Toby. This week I'll have to go pick up some chew toys, she's the complete opposite of Toby. He wants absolutely NOTHING to do with toys whereas she is constantly trying to chew on anything and everything. Reba's part beagle and we're not too sure what else but it really doesn't matter because she's got us all wrapped around her paws.

Well everyone BUT Princess. Every time Reba barks, Princess yells "OOOOP" and then bursts into tears. It's hilarious.

Now I need to get back to bleaching all the daycare toys since I'll have some drop ins tomorrow morning, go back to the ring with the laundry demon, and clean the kids bathroom. Oh what fun a Monday brings.

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3 Voices:

Abbey said...

Reba is so cute! And she looks like she's made herself right at home :) Good luck with that laundry demon.. I've got to conquer mine soon also :/

Mrs. S. said...

I have missed you terribly. That baby girl is precious! She is just so pretty!

mannadonn said...

Reba is gorgeous! Congratulations! I love Beagles!!!


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