Puppy adjusting

06 October 2010

Yesterday I sat on the couch ready to release my frustrations with dealing with our neighbors and the dogs; but I couldn’t get my words to wrap around what I wanted to say, so I decided to write about something else since I didn’t want to dwell on the negativity. I sat there staring out the window watching the wind blow, the leaves bustle, the clouds float by and the next thing I know; there’s a 4 year old boy jumping on me yelling “Mommma you awake?! Can you hear meeeeee?”  Just love being woken by a bouncing kidlet, especially when they land right on your bladder, forcing you to realize that you indeed do not have a bladder of steel. Don't worry I made it in time.

The dogs are settling in with each other, couldn’t be happier that they get along. When we adopted Reba there was a man returning a Rottie after only having him for about 2 hours. His reasoning was that his little PinPin was terrified of the Rottie. Hmm now I may be completely off base here BUT shouldn’t that be part of your thinking BEFORE you adopt a dog? Shouldn’t you make sure your pet’s will get along, or at least know your own dog’s behavior and acceptance to a new brother/sister into their house? We knew before hand that Toby is awesome with other dogs, it just takes him a while to warm up to new friends. Plus we were looking for someone with energy but could still lay down and relax. Reba fit those requirements perfectly. She keeps Toby running around during the day and at night they both crash together.  It’s almost as if they were born from the same litter and never missed a beat. I love it.

Downside to having a puppy… it’s like having a baby all over again. I forgot about all the work that goes into having a puppy. All the house training, leash walking, coming when you call her name, and no chewing on toys that aren’t hers. Yesterday I just sat on the front steps laughing my ass off at Dirt Diver and ‘Tater as they spent 20 minutes trying to get Reba back in the house. Told them to make sure the baby gates are closed before opening the front door. But of course Dirt Diver knows more than me and “knows” Reba. Hmm yeah sure! Added to my amusement of the day.  Need to remember to get a new crate for her. Toby’s is WAY too big since he’s about a million times bigger than her, well not really but he’s a dinosaur compared to her. lol

Any helpful tips or tricks to training a puppy?

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2 Voices:

Abbey said...

Poor Rottie, way to get his hopes up, dude! :( I agree, you should know the personality of dog #1 before going to get dog #2. Glad Reba and Toby are becoming besties :)

mannadonn said...

Awwww! I'm glad Toby and Reba are doing well together!


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