Does sibling rivarly ever stop?

07 October 2010

Co-Parenting sucks!

The older kids got in trouble this morning so Dirt Diver grounded them to no fun and a day of cleaning around the house. Now one may think “yahoo! Mom’s got extra hands and more time for herself today”. Hmmm yeah no not even remotely close. The first 5 hours this morning was pure hell. They were fighting over who gets to clean the toilets, who folds the clothes, who matches the socks, which socks got matched to his missing mate. They fought over picking up dog shit and scooping out the cat crap.

Am I missing something here? I do not for the love of God, understand why our older kids feel the need to fight over the stupidest things EVER! I mean really, what does it matter who’s scooping the crap and who’s holding the bag? Unless it’s being flung at you, which it wasn’t because I was watching, then just stand there hold the bad and catch it as the shovel’s turned upside down.

And fighting over the toilet?! I don’t get that one. I personally loathe cleaning the toilets, especially the kids’ one because of Monkey and his horrible misdirection of aim, but they did. They fought over who could clean it the best, how much Pine Sol to put in the bowl, and how to move the brush around.
Oh let’s not forget the fight they had over how to rake leaves up. That was horrible. They literally drew imaginary lines in the yard and would get mad at the other for “crossing” the line and “stealing” their leaves. At one point, Lil t’ came banging on the door yelling that ‘Tater threw leaves at him and it got in his hair. Mind you the boy has a flipping Mohawk and the strip is only a #2 blade length.

When it came to sweeping up the dog food that Princess trailed around, another fight endured. Can you guess over what? Yupp that’s right, the proper way to sweep the trash and food into the dust pan. Then it went to the proper way to hold a dust pan.

Finally after a tug a war over my new broom, someone getting hit in the temple with the handle and the dog food flying all over my floor again, I kicked them out. Told them to not step back in my house without knocking and asking for the bathroom. I even feed them lunch outside and provided them with a HUGE cooler thermos with water and cups. I’ve turned the radio up loud so I can drown out their continued fighting and I’m currently pretending that I only have 2 kids rather then 4.

This whole competition the 2 of them have is RIDICULOUS. I don’t get sibling rivalry due to being an only child but in my eyes, they should be holding hands and singing cumbaya together; thankful they have someone to keep them company and stand by them. Instead they are on the verge of being committing murder.

Just redonkulous.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow then please check out Nancy Grace on CNN to see if a Military mom of 4 has been seen running the streets of Kentucky pulling her hair out and begging for a cup of sanity.

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2 Voices:

Noel said...

HAHA. I remember when I was younger, we would go visit my dad's friends. His friend's wife would kick me and her son out of the house and tell us the only reason we could come in was to go to the bathroom.

We were convinced making us play outside and use our imagination was some sort of child abuse.

mannadonn said...

You poor thing! But that is pretty hilarious all the dorky things they were fighting over. I'm sure they will get over it...right???


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