MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #11

03 September 2010

Take a yonder on over to Wifey of a Sailor and join in the fun!

1. What is a weird/funny superstition that you have? (from A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench)

Okay don't laugh but I'm the idiot that is blasting through yellow lights, kissing her hand and hitting the roof of her car. When I go through tunnels, I lay on the horn while holding my breathe, and when we go over railroad tracks, I lift my feet up off the floor.

2. What are your hopes and dreams for the years AFTER the military? After all, we aren’t in it forever! (from Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos)

We want to own 50 plus acres of farm land. We want stables and to grow corn. We want to be able to make our own private off road course for dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. We also want to be able to own a weekend warrior and a Chevy Kodiak 4500 to travel the US. Sit on our deck in the evenings, Dirt Diver drinking Sweet Tea with Jack and me a cold Pabst while watching the sun go down and the kids with their kids running around laughing. Pretty much the American Dream of a simple life.

3. Since [this] month is National Apple Month (no really!), I’d probably ask: What is your yummiest apple recipe? (from NH Girl Displaced)

Sadly I don't have one. Not a single one. I LOVE Apple Crisp, can never ever find it in the store but oddly have yet to even attempt to make it myself :( I fail.

4How long have you gone as a military spouse without talking to your husband/wife during service? (from A Navy Princess and Her Little Sailors)

During my first marriage we went 3 months with none, that was because he left for Theater literally 2 weeks before the war started and all hell broke loose. He may be the Spew of Satan but that time still holds heavy on my heart.

With Dirt Diver, a month when he was on the USS Comstock and their lovely oh so high tech brand spanking multi million dollar internet system crashed the first week it went up. LOL Fun times.

5. I occasionally watch When I was 17… on MTV. So, what was something that was significant about your 17th year of life? (from Ashley Amazing)

Never seen the show, BUT I met the "love" of my life *rolleyes*, fell in love, got pregnant, had my first abusive relationship, and quit using drugs. Not really that exciting.

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