MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #22

03 December 2010

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  1. If you were given $1,000 right now, how would you spend it?
Put it towards the purchase of a iMac. My laptop is shot. The HP Dirt Diver is leaving me the sound gave up, and the rebuilt desktop the graphic card is shot. SOOO as of right now there will be no Skyping once he hits theater. *throwsselfdownonfloorkickingandscreaming*
  1. If you had to choose a movie title (a real one that already exists) for your life story, what would it be?
The Story of Us 
(I swear this is like a TAMER version of what Dirt Diver and I went through in the beginning) 

Adam’s Rib ßclassic but FABULOUS

  1. If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?
English maybe? I am horrible at math. Failed Spanish and French so bad that I now owe a couple thousand on lost college classes. Hmm science was not my forte. I did love photography, not so much taking the pictures but I absolutely was a genius at popping the film out, rolling, treating, printing pics like no body’s business. I hated PE (side note it IS possible for someone to FAIL PE even when they take a “walking” PE class). Ohhh I know health. I am the poster child for why not to have sex young and teen pregnancy. Unfortunately I also know the dangers of rape, date rape, suicide, depression, and all the other “fun” things about being a teen that makes it so frustrating being a teen.
  1. Has being a MilSpouse changed how you view holidays or how your holidays are celebrated? If so, how? If not, what hasn’t changed?
No. I still hate them for the most part. I still get anxiety over them. I still pray that God will allow for us to skip them for one year. BUT in the end I have learned that it’s not all about me and that I do need to put more emphisus on them. So wait change my answer to yes. Being a MilSpouse has definitely taught me to enjoy what I have today because it could be gone tomorrow.
  1. What is your favorite Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) memory?
Hmm it would have to be last year. Even in the midst of some family drama we still managed to bring the house down by spending the entire day playing Rock Band and laughing with each other. For some reason out of all the holiday’s Christmas is the hardest one for me. I like opening presents but that’s about it. After that I want to hibernate and not talk to anyone. I know it stems from my childhood and the way my messed up family interacted but I still haven’t learned how to fully shake their lasting impressions on me even when they are no were around me.

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L. said...

Ooo, I hope you get your computer situation remedied. I have found that threats often work when a computer is acting in a less than optimal fashion, such as repeatedly telling it you're going to throw it out the window. Good luck!


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