MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #35

25 March 2011

Aww it's that time of the week again! Love Fridays, especially today. As you're reading this I'm on the road with the family heading to meet up with one of my long time friends that I met what seems like a lifetime ago on a MilSpouse message board. Our weekend will be spent riding, bbq'ing, laughing, and hopefully not duct taping any Dirt Divers to trees. (Yes he's on my last nerve right now)

1. What is your must have gadget? submitted by Flying High With My Flyboy

At the moment my Keurig. I REALLY want a bigger one but I love my mini so I make due with it. But man oh man the different flavored coffees and how easy it is to use. I love that the kids can make me coffee “because they love me” and I don’t have to worry about them breaking anything.

2. How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid? submitted by L to the Third

Hmm not even in the same ball field. I imagined myself to be a big headhunter kinda girl who lived in a beautiful loft above a restaurant in the heart of a big metropolitan city. And instead here I am 1 divorce, 2 marriages, 5 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, “happy pills”, no degree still, and being tossed which ever way the Government chooses to throw.

3. What is your favorite chocolate recipe?  submitted by Our First Deployment

Oh buddy I honestly don’t have one. As much as I love chocolate, I’m scared to death to cook with it. I would really love to learn to make some chocolate cakes from scratch but gaah just looking at recipes send me into panic mode.

4. How do you deal with military life when it gets to be to much or to hard? submitted by Combat Boots And Pointe Shoes

I just bottle it up, then bitch to the dogs about it when I’m doing laundry. I’m a horrible bottle stuffer with my feelings.

5. What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment?  submitted by The Albrecht Squad

Stay busy. Volunteer at the local schools, libraries, NMCRS or ACS, food shelters, pet shelters. Get a job. Go back to school but not online if you can help it. Get yourself out there! Start going to the gym, take some aerobic classes. Register your kids if you have them with the CYS and use every single minute of your monthly 16 hours of respite care and get out of the house. Accept that there will be days when every thing falls apart but remember that if you let those days turn into weeks and months you will become a miserable bitter person. And find a group of friends to surround yourself with! Numbers don’t count, it’s the quality of friends that will be your support system to get through the deployment.

1 Voices:

Ashley said...

I'm horrible about bottling up how I feel too. It usually takes a week or so for me to actually deal with someone with I initially get annoyed by it.


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