Kids, chores and my patience

26 May 2011

Why must kids who have chores do them half way?

They don't like being yelled at, scolded, or even punished for not completing them properly,
 but yet they continue to do them wrong.

And then argue that they were doing it right and I'm wrong.

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I know my eye sight isn't the greatest but I see just fine with my glasses.

I see that the laundry is shoved in drawers.

I see the dog poop not picked up in the backyard not because it was MY bare foot that stepped in it too

I see the glasses aren't washed properly because it was me that grabbed glass that had lip prints on it from the cupboard.

But yet in 'Tater's eyes it's me that is making it all up.

Going out of my way to find all the wrong just make her life miserable.

Because I have absolutely NOTHING else to do.

Parenting sucks sometimes.

The. End.

2 Voices:

Ms. Diva said...

Welcome to my life!! I cannot wait until the kids are out and I can get a housekeeper!!! Well, one can dream can't they? :)

Maranda said...

I'm not there yet. I keep thinking I can't wait until Little Butt is old enough to have chores. But then, I'm not looking forward to basically having to do more work to make sure she does her chores properly. Blah!


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