Wordless Wednesday: Family Pictures

25 May 2011

I can't pic just ONE. 

These were so incredibly stress free and they came out fabulous...

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 There aren't enough words to describe how much I drool over him.

I don't know WHY he HAS to insist that I'm not funny. 
I know I am.

 ABSOLUTELY ADORE this pic of her ♥

You'd never know they aren't blood by the way they act. 
He was meant to be her daddy. 

5 Voices:

To the Nth said...

Wonderful pictures! I have the biggest smile on my face from seeing your sweet family.

It's Something Beautiful said...

Aww they turned out wonderful! You have a beautiful family :)

Maranda said...

cute pictures!

Jen said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

New to this page... adore your pictures & love your blog *Hopefully-soon-to-be-Army-wife*


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